OMEGA MASSIF - Karpatia Tape

by maniyax records

  • OMEGA MASSIF - Karpatia Tape

    La Cassette Jaune (Maniyax Records) Release LCJ02:

    101 copies are made and only one copy is yellow (case and cassette). Maybe you´re the lucky one to get it… The tape is held in the design of the vinyl and comes with a handmade cutout cardboard sleeve:

    This is maybe the most awaited (instrumental) metal record of the year. Founded in 2006, OMEGA MASSIF quickly seized the attention and interest of listeners from several genres (metal to doom to sludge to instrumental postrock) through the years – and that’s a result of just 2 records in 5 years: their demo KALT and the first full length GEISTERSTADT. OMEGA MASSIF are a convincing studio and live band. These aspects and the fact that they have a keen sense of sophisticated song structures are maybe the main reasons why OMEGA MASSIF filled bigger venues step by step – while having started with local squat, they have by now played festivals like ROADBURN, HELLFEST, SWINGFEST etc.!

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released May 27, 2013



maniyax records Cologne, Germany

MANIYAX is a mailorder and recordlabel from Muenster, Germany. We release doom, postrock, hardcore, sludge, crust and much more. Every order is highly appreciated and will include a personal message.

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